About Us

Why would a semi-retired real estate attorney and a semi-retired commercial mortgage banker be raising suri alpacas and selling suri fleece products from their Rocky Mountain meadow home in Conifer, Colorado? A fair question.

I notice when I mention our alpaca business to acquaintances, I get different reactions … sometimes a blank look, sometimes stifled eye-rolling … and sometimes the smile, followed by interested questions and usually ending with “that’s sounds so fun!”

It IS fun. It also combines many areas of ongoing learning and challenge – animal husbandry, genetics, shows and competitions, product development, marketing, artisan crafting, interesting travel (Alpaca Fiesta in Peru is on this year’s itinerary), trade events, industry promotion and trade group involvement, smart people and good business friends. But most importantly, these gentle animals give us a unique, luxurious and valuable resource – alpaca fiber. I want to contribute to quality lives for these animals and to the betterment of this wonderful resource.

I started with 3 suri alpacas in 2013. Every year I spend more time on this venture and receive more personal reward than the year before. Tom decided to team up with me in 2018 to venture deeper into the fleece and product side of the business.

We’re Joy and Tom Conwell – SuperFleece Suri Alpacas.